I have been a client of Orville's for quite some time and am beyond thrilled with my results. Orville takes the time to get to know you and understand what your needs are. He is the utmost professional and a pleasure to work with. I can't see myself going anywhere else. If you want to see a change for the better I highly recommend Results Personal Training and Fitness!!

​​Shannon V

​​Orville has taken the time to listen to what I want to accomplish and setup a routine that pushes me while not over doing things. He keeps me motivated to return and tracks my progress to help me stay on track and focused on my goals. He's a trainer that understands that not everyone should be trained the same, he customizes workouts to your specific needs. As far as nutrition, he helped me understand what I should be doing and does his best to suggest things for me to change up my eating while still eating healthy. I would recommend him and Results to anyone, old or young, out of shape or an athlete, that is looking to improve!

​Mike Snow

​I have been a client of Results since November training with Orville, and am feeling stronger every week while learning correct form as to not cause injury, which is important to me. He pushes me to do more than I think I can. Results Personal Training and Fitness offers nutritional advise and encouragement on making good food choices. I feel they cares about their clients and wants healthy habits to become a way of life for us.

​​Patrice S

​​I have been a member of a gym for over 8 years. I thought I knew what I was doing . I was unhappy with the progress I wasn't making through exercise and knew I was not meeting my nutritional needs. have been going to Results since November. Prior to starting I logged my food for two weeks. At my first session with Orville he went through my food log and gave me goals and suggestions on easy changes to make. Through my work out sessions with him he has taught me the types of exercises I should be doing, the reps, the weight, and more importantly how to accomplish results without hurting myself. I feel more confident as well when I go to the gym by myself to workout. I am working towards something now, instead of just putting in time, because Orville and I have a plan!

​Holly H

​Just had my first ever session with a personal trainer...after hip & leg surgery....and Veronica is terrific. I couldn't be more pleased, and for me to be smiling after any kind of work out is AMazing!!! Thanks Orville, Veronica and Results they're the best!!

​Sandy Jones

My personal experience with Orville has been SO positive that I have NO reservations whatsoever in providing a testimonial to the absolute BENEFITS of RESULTS Personal Training and Fitness! During the month and a half (so far) that I have been training, I have lost weight, inches... AND gained a sense of respect and self-confidence for me! This is all due to Orville who continues to encourage me during the workouts! Super EXCITED with MY personal results, and we've only just begun!"

Veronica Wilkinson

"I have been with Mr. Barnes off and on since day one. Before during and after pregnancy. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions although I swear he enjoys inflicting pain. He takes what he does seriously and I appreciate that. He is also a great accountability partner; if it weren't for him I would have probably given up a long time ago. So thank you Mr. Barnes!"

Priscilla Williams

"I started training at Results PT and Fitness last year and it didn't take long for me to become comfortable and actually enjoy working out. On an even better note, I started seeing results and so did everyone else. Orville clearly knows his stuff and is not just your ordinary trainer who doesn't care what you do. He takes pride in his business and with the time and attention he gives each client during their sessions. I have referred several friends here as well who also seem to be happy with their results. I highly recommend giving Results PT and Fitness a try! I am very happy that I did!"

Michelle Salgado

"I travel an extra half hour just to train with Orville. I have worked with him in the past with great results. I came to him this time because I have injuries and I would not trust any other trainer to work with them and feel safe. He is so knowledgeable he can work all sorts of alternatives to make sure you get the best workout you can do. He is very flexible on scheduling and really cares to do what is best for his clients! He really wants to see the results of your training make your life better and stronger."

Monica Williams

​I highly recommend RESULTS PT & Fitness. I joined in June & so glad I did. This was my first experience using a personal trainer & at my age I wasn’t sure what to expect. With Orville’s help, guidance & encouragement I can confidently say I am now the BEST VERSION of me EVER. I put in the work ( 3 days a week ) & watched my diet & ran a couple 5Ks. Orville put in the work - changing the routines to keep me motivated, counseling me in diet & nutrition ( get a protein shake while you’re there - YUMMY & good for you too ) & gently pushing me to push myself. Together we achieved the RESULTS I was looking for.

​Beth Villanova

I have trained with Orville for over 10 years with outstanding results! As a personal trainer he is extremely knowledgeable about human anatomy, fitness, nutrition and motivation.

He varies the exercises/routines to help you accomplish your goals. Never once during the last ten years was I injured nor strained or pulled any muscles with the exercise regime he devised. When I sprained my ankle running or hurt my knee Orville developed a rehab/exercise program to keep me moving and heal properly.  I highly recommend Results Personal Training and Fitness

Iris Fein

"Working out is not an easy task for me, but you have encouraged, motivated, and inspired me to the point that I am now more driven and confident that I will gain results and live a healthier lifestyle.  It is evident that you enjoy what you do and understand the body, physiology, and how exercise impact the body".

Rebecca E.B.

​​​This place was clean and the staff was friendly. They made you feel like a family as we were all working out together. Thank you!

​Mary F

​​Went to Weekend Warrior Boot Camp and had a great time! Amazing workout and fantastic atmosphere!

​Nick W

​I have worked out at Results in the past and am back working again. I am retired Air Force and have always had a physical training routine, but since I retired I got a little lazy. I know how to workout, what I'm supposed to do, etc, but I just don't have the discipline anymore to do it on my own. I love going to Result! I don't have to think, I just have to do, and that takes so much stress off of my back. I don't have to worry about planning all my sessions, something that I would have procrastinated on and just never done. Orville knows exactly what I need. He knows when to increase the weights and when to switch things up; he's just incredibly knowledgable about this stuff and it's obvious he's been doing it for a long time. He knows when I am at my limit and when I'm just being lazy and he pushes me to be better. He's professional, the studio is clean and organized, and I just generally feel welcomed and cared about. Please consider giving your business to Results if you are in the market to get healthier and need some help. They're fantastic and I'm so grateful for my sessions there.

Elizabeth Morris